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Surf in Castillo de Pavones, COSTA RICA


Surfing Pavones, the Golfo Dulce and the West Coast of Costa Rica is located 5 hours south west down the coast from San Jose.  These breaks offer some of the most magical long point breaks in the world. The South Pacific is a tropical paradise that is uncrowded and perfect for those looking for a unique surfing experience in a tropical paradise!


The point break of Pavones is directly in front of the Castillo.  The Castillo is 300 meters from the START of the enter spot of the famous point break wave. This is a point break and all point break waves have a rocky topography, the ocean floor is stone, and this is what makes them a point break, hence the wave breaks the same way as the ocean can not move the sand like a beach break.  
This is the ultimate disney land wave as they say! This wave breaks best at low tide pushing in, south swell (190 - 205) however when there is swell it breaks all day long.  Pavones breaks all the time and if it is small you just head south a couple miles where the beaches are more exposed to the open ocean swells.

2)  The long soft point break wave of Pilon 

is a point break wave thats its further north in the bay, only 6 miles from Pavones and a short drive or boat ride away. This is known as a slower, more "mushy" wave and it barley has a section becuase the river flows out at the top of the point, not in the middle like Pavones and Rio Claro which divides that point break in half. Pilon breaks best on a south swell, however it does not hold big size when it is over 14' and the direction of the swell is more west very well.  
This can make the wave pop up in different spots and it does not do its thing and break its magic, however this wave on a bad day is better than most waves on planet earth!

3) Gringolandia

a rock reef break wave that is 3.5 miles south of Pavones in Punta Banco, and this wave picks up more west. All of the breaks in this southern area of Punta Banco are very underrated because the point break of Pavones gets all of the attention. There are countless good wave spots here that have no surfers, empty, just breaking all day alone!  Most of these spots are rocky reef breaks.

4) Motapalo

By boat, we can go across the bay in 25 minutes to Matapalo and, here, there are many famous right breaking waves of the Osa Penn. There are several amazing spots that are  rocky reef and point breaks that wall up and barrel like "back wash" to nice calm easy breaking right waves that peel inside the cove more in the "sugar spots" as we call them!  The amazing thing about being in Pavones is the ablilty to surf these world class left and right breaking waves all with in the same morning!

5) Punta Burrica

This wave is also accessed by boat and within 40 or so minutes heading south we would arrive at "Punta Burrica" and on the edge of Panama for some secret hidden surf spots.  Most of the waves here are rocky reef and point breaks that are for the hard core surfer that want extreme adventure and no people! If you want to make a surf documentary come with us!

6) "Nicaragua" 

is another sick rock/reef break 5 miles south of Pavones in a 4 x 4 or boat. Usually empty and no one out, it is one of my favorite spots when you want to meditate and surf with no one! 

7) Playa Zancudo

A beach break and breaks with a big south swell really nice. We go by boat or by quad on the beach. If you want, you can drive the roads and it is about 40 minutes around the bay.  This spot is recommended when the swells are small and the points don’t work well, and is also perfect for intermediate and beginners surfers.

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