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Surf in Salina Cruz (Mainland), MEXICO


Located between Salina Cruz and Huatulco, this travel package is home to some of the hollowest waves in the world. Surfing In Mexico Spring Break. This region is one of the "last surf frontiers in Mexico" and is famous for the strong swells that named Puerto Escondido [a.k.a. "Mexican Pipeline”]. Other than Puerto Escondido this area has an abundance of perfect right hand points with sand bottoms, rock reefs and jetties. No crowds, just you and your friends surfing empty warm water perfection all day! There are more than fifteen breaks in the area and most of them are very remote and unknown.

It takes local knowledge of the area to score the best conditions. Our staff has lived and surfed here for more than 20 years. Accessing these surf spots can be tricky depending on the wind and swell direction, working with the current tide conditions.

The surf in this region ranges from beginner to expert ability level. This location is ideal for short boarding and body boarding with only a few long board spots.

Have you dreamed about surfing epic waves in warm water with no crowd? We can make that happen!!

The region is divided into 2 different surf zones:

Southern Coast

This area has very strong N to NE winds from October to March caused by a high-pressure gradient between the Gulf of Mexico and the North and Pacific Ocean. These winds blow in ranges of 25-35 knots almost every week, and blowout the surf in the area, but from April to October the wind diminishes to less than 15 knots. From April to October is when consistent 4-6 ft swells wrap into the region with strong 6-12 ft swells arrive almost once every two weeks.

There are 10 different surf breaks to choose from, so crowds are hard to come by. Most of the spots are so remote and unknown that rarely do you even see other surfers.

The surf camp is located in Salina Cruz that's in this region. Salina Cruz is an industrial town with an oil-based economy featuring a large refinery and commercial port. There are only very few surfers in the town, so the waves are only for you and your friends. Surfing In Mexico Spring BreakThe weather in the region is very pleasant year round with mild temperatures and sunny days the majority of the time. The average temperature is 80-90°F with little variation between night and day, summer and winter.

November through May is the dry season. This means no rain, not even a drop. June through October is the wet season. This means a lot of rain, normally in the evening or at night, leaving the day free of rain and excellent for surfing. This is also the best time of the year for the larger, more consistent surf. The Water temps range from 70-80 degrees in the surf season.

Northern Coast

This area is in the Huatulco surroundings and it’s located about 1.5 hours north from Salina Cruz. There are some 5 different surf breaks in this region. The area has wind protection and offers year-round good surfing conditions, best in the mornings, however many of the points hold their shape throughout the day. The most consistent swells are from March to early November when the surf turns into 4-6 foot swells with bigger 8-12 ft swells possible.

This area provides a reliable option when the swell is small or wind blown in the southern region. The North Coast generally has the same climate conditions as the southern coast but without the strong north winds from October to March.

Book your surf trip to Salina Cruz (Mainland), MEXICO

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